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Working to improve maternity experiences

Our local Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) group works hard to make improvements to the maternity services provided at Kingston Hospital @KingstonHospNHS

We get feedback from "walking the patch": where volunteers from the MVP go onto the postnatal ward to speak to parents about their experience; and from posts seeking feedback on our facebook page.

When there seems to be a bunch of feedback relating to a similar issue, we look into the current practice and where improvement suggestions received could work well, we work with with the hospital staff to put those in place. These are then published on our facebook page to show that voices are being heard. This is called "You said. We did:", here are a few examples:

If you'd like to get involved in helping to improve maternity services, you can contribute as little or as much time as you like. From liking our facebook page to increase visibility, getting involved in discussions and sharing your maternity experiences, to joining the MVP and working as part of a team on the improvement projects being put in place.

All contributions are welcome!

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